MyCall™ - The Product

MyCall™ - The Product

Detects the impact of the Accident on its own

MyCall™ detects an accident using the innovative algorithms built using internal sensors available in this Crash Rescue device. MyCall™ then automatically contacts you to check the impact level of the Accident. This happens thru the support team speaking to you through the device speaker.

..Makes voice calls to Driver's family.

MyCall™ automatically calls the Driver’s Family members and tells them about the Accident. It also sends an SMS with accident location to them so they can come to help the driver immediately.

..Alerts Emergency Response Services

MyCall™ would pull up the nearest Hospital and bring up the Ambulance to take the Driver to the Hospital. It will also line up other needed Emergency Services like Roadside Assistance and Garage (for collision Repair).

and follows up with the Emergency Services

MyCall™ Emergency Service Center (ESC) will follow-up with various lined-up Services (like Ambulance / Towing etc.,) to ensure the best possible services are handed out and the Driver is safe.

Let's Build An Accident-Free Road