Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

K-Circle Digital Solutions Private Limited (K-Circle) offers its Device (Gadget), MyCall™, to its end users. MyCall™ is a portable automatic car crash detection device designed to provide post accident safety and emergency assistance to users. MyCall™ is enabled by the Software written and installed in the Gadget (Hardware) to be working in the user’s vehicle. ‘We’ in this document refers to K-Circle, and ‘you’ refers to the user of our Gadget/Hardware.

This document is a depiction of our Privacy Policy that describes the collection, processing and disclosure practices by K-Circle. In particular, it informs you about:

  • Type of information being collected from you;

  • Reasons why this information is collected;

  • Occasions when use this information; and

  • Our Disclosure of the info to any third party.

Pease note that our Privacy Policy can change at any time without notice, and any such changes are effective from the time that we decide (sometimes immediately and sometimes from a later time); and any use of the Gadget MyCall™ after the specified effective time is deemed to have had your acceptance of these changes by you.


We may collect two types of information from you:

  • Personal information’ such as your full name, street address, telephone number, e-mail address, Your Emergency Contact details (such as name, eMail ID and Phone Number), Your Towing Service details (Name of Service and Phone Number) and the Vehicle information (such as Vehicle Registration Number etc.,)

  • Sensitive personal information’ such as your Device ID and medical information. We access the same through the Hardware.


We collect and store both personal information and sensitive personal information relating to users in order to:

  • Provide you the Emergency Assistance that includes bringing emergency response to your location when needed and notifying your emergency contacts in the event of an accident;

  • Assist you with technical difficulties;

  • Monitor our Terms of Use Agreement; and

  • Bring in more useful services into the purview of this device


We shall not publish or disclose personal information or sensitive personal information except in the following conditions:

  • It is required for the performance of the Gadget

  • As required by law.

  • When we use third party entities to hand out the assistance vide the Gadget (the Third party entities may need your details to give the Emergency Response). We may share your personal information or sensitive personal information in such cases.

  • We may also share some personal information such as Vehicle Information, Location Data and/or Environment Data with third party advertisers who are interested in advertising their product to you. You can opt-out of this facility by contacting us.

  • In case of a remote possibility that all of our assets are sold or merged into another company, the acquiring company shall be given access to your personal information.

By the tenets of this policy document, you agree and acknowledge that we may not inform you prior to or after disclosures made, according to this section.



If you have questions about this Privacy Policy or any grievances, please contact our Grievance Officer using the contact details provided below:

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